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Femal company 4 - 5 okt Paris Malakoff

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I will stay at a hotel in Makakoff from okt 4 - 5. I am looking for a naughty French female companion (coquin) for the evening. A French lady is on the wish list of every non French man. No professional but an amateur. Maybe we first eat, have a drink and get to know each other before we have sex in my hotel room. I speak a little French (I can order a meal, ask direction, book a room) I am Dutch, willing to pay a reasonable price for your services, and it is all about both having fun. I am just over 50 years old, tall and slim, business man and good fun. Your age or looks are not very important (within limits), spontanious and enjoying it your self also are important (and yes you will be payed).

Please contact me if you think you can offer me a great evening or night.

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